This Wendy’s Manager Is Making A Difference, One ‘I Love You’ At A Time

A Wendy’s manager in Oak Harbor, Washington, just wants her customers to know they are loved.

April DiDonna tells her customers in the drive-thru that she loves them. If they say it back, she puts a tally on the wall.

There are 2,549 tallied so far.

It all began on October 3 when the idea just came to her to tell a customer she loved him.

The customer ended up writing a positive review about it in a survey, so DiDonna decided to keep saying it.

The next day she met a woman and told her she loved her. Then a coworker told DiDonna she was needed outside. She found the woman crying in her car. The woman wanted to thank DiDonna because her husband and brother had died recently.

“I don’t have anyone here to tell me they love me anymore,” DiDonna said the woman told her.

DiDonna started keeping a count of the numbers after that.

“A lot of people are now driving up to the speaker and telling us that they love us before we even take their order,” DiDonna said.

There has been at least one customer who responds in kind every day.

“It’s just really awesome. It’s really nice to see the positivity and the love that’s flowing,” she said.

“People need to know that you don’t need to hate people, and all you need to do is spread love. Love will be the way if we open our eyes and choose to see that love is the answer.”