OnePlus Nord N10 5G and N100 are coming to the US on January 15th

The original OnePlus Nord skipped North America, but OnePlus is finally bringing two cheaper, mid-range options from its Nord line to the US and Canada on January 15th. The OnePlus Nord N10 5G offers flagship standards like a high-refresh rate 90Hz display and fast charging for $299.99 ($389 CAD), while the OnePlus Nord N100 features an even larger display and battery for $179.99 ($239 CAD). After launching in Europe last year, both phones are now carrier-exclusives for T-Mobile and available unlocked from OnePlus and other online retailers in the US.

The N10 5G’s 6.49-inch high-refresh rate display, 128GB of expandable storage, and 30W fast charging make it similar to the original Nord. Where it differs is with its lower-tier Snapdragon 690 processor, an LCD screen instead of OLED, and 6GB instead of 8GB of RAM. The N10 5G does still feature four rear cameras, though: a 64-megapixel main camera, and wide-angle, macro and monochrome cameras.

As its name suggests, the N10 5G supports 5G networks. The handset is limited to potentially slower low and mid-band 5G in the US, but should have better range and coverage than phones that only support millimeter wave 5G. Notably, the N10 5G doesn’t support mmWave 5G at all, OnePlus confirms to The Verge. Given the difficulty we’ve had with mmWave 5G on other phones, that might still be for the best.

The cheaper N100 is a slight step down in features from the N10 5G, firstly because it only works with 4G. Its larger (but lower-resolution) 6.52-inch display and 5,000 mAh battery (larger than the OnePlus 8T) also make it less comparable to the Nord, and really brings it into the realm of an inexpensive battery-focused phone like the Moto G Power. The Snapdragon 460 and 64GB starting expandable storage mark this as a decidedly budget phone, which makes sense given the price. The N100 also only features 18W fast charging, around half what the N10 5G and Nord can handle. For cameras, The N100 has three on the back instead of four, with a 13-megapixel main camera.

Both phones run Android 10 skinned with OxygenOS, and OnePlus says that they’ll be updated to Android 11 at some point in the future. OnePlus is also guaranteeing two years of security updates for each handset.

In terms of price, the phones cost less than we expected and come in under the original Nord’s price of £379 (around $484). They might not be using the same “recipe” as the original, but a lower price is always worth considering. You’ll be able to purchase the N10 5G and the N100 from OnePlus’ carrier partners T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile, or unlocked from OnePlus, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H. The phones will be available at OnePlus’ website on January 15th at 10:00AM ET, with pre-sale beginning on January 8th.